Kick-Off Event Starts!! Let’s Solve Your Concerns Together!!

Thank you for waiting for our “First Event”!

We have finally started our new project, the title is…


As a foreigner in Japan, We have some Troubles or Anxieties!



What kind of event?

A lot of foreigners living in Japan have some anxieties about living in Japan.

However, they don’t know how to solve them.


We want to support them and solve their problems or challenges using SNS with YiEM FRIENDS.


In our platform, there are a lot of friends who want to support people so YiEM FRIENDS can give you good ideas, important experiences, or interesting methods.


If you have some concerns about Japan, let’s think about it with YiEM FRIENDS!



The Period or Place of the event

Period : March 1 to 20

Place : Online, on SNS (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)

※It’s the Kick-Off Event, so it’s a great chance to make good friends and try to do a new thing this year!



How to participate

If you want to participate, please follow below.


1.Please follow our SNS account. You can choose any account below.

Facebook : here

Twitter : here

Instagram : here

※If you don’t have an account, please send a message. e-mail:


2.Please find a post about gathering concerns, and give us your concern as a comment. Or you can directly send your concern via direct message as well.

3.We will post your concern on our SNS and give you the URL. Check the URL in your free time. Some YiEM FRIENDS give you good tips!




Could you help your FRIENDS?

If you don’t have any concern but if you know Japan very well, could you give us your opinions about their concern? Your opinion helps foreigners living in Japan!



The related numbers of SDGs

The project is related to SDGs especially,

(8)Decent work and economic growth

(10)Reduced inequalities

(11)Sustainable cities and communities

(16)Peace, justice and strong institutions


Let’s make a great world together for our future and the earth!


Check our SNS and please wait for further notice!

Thank you for checking our page, if you want to take part in this event, please check our SNS accounts and wait for further notice.

See you soon!!


Facebook : here

Twitter : here

Instagram : here

※If you don’t have an account, please send a message e-mail:

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