First Event Succeeded!! As a Foreigner in Japan, We have some Troubles or Anxieties!

We held our first event in March 2021. Today, we will show you the result of the first events. Thank you for YiEM FRIENDS’ help!


What is the Event for?

We want to help foreigners living in Japan who are in trouble due to the coronavirus. 


Title : “As a foreigner in Japan, we have some troubles or anxieties!” 


Who is the Target?

Foreigners living In Japan


Date of the Event

March 1, 2021 to March 20, 2021


Details of the Event

Many people are in trouble because of the new coronavirus. It is expected that foreigners living in Japan who have language and cultural barriers will have more difficulties. 


This event is about helping foreigners living in Japan who have problems or concerns looking for a solution and to support them this time. 


Our goal is to be the bridge to these foreigners to gain answers from locals and foreigners who may have the answers. The problems can vary from lifestyle in Japan, culture, etc. 



Using SNS: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram


  1. Confirmation of problems of foreign residents in Japan. We collect the questions and notify them that we will be responding with a solution to their problem. 
  2. Share the problems of foreigners living in Japan with YiEM FRINEDS and ask questions through a post.
  3. Collect information and solutions from YiEM FRINEDS and send it to the person.
  4. Get feedback to the person who told me the problem.


How Effective?

This event has been successful with over 100+ participants with their questions from the Facebook platform. 


Some questions are unrelated from the question and some addressed their concerns as tourists in Japan, instead of a foreigner living in Japan.


All of the questions are gathered from Facebook group’s members we have joined in earlier and they have been proactive in sharing their questions and concerns. 

Overall, we have extracted 24 questions from the participants in the event. 


Problems Addressed by Participants

We got a lot of problems from foreigners in Japan. We will show them below.


– Difficulty in opening a bank account or mobile phone

– Problems with Japanese most especially Kanji, that you encounter on a daily basis. Many staff members do not speak English even when they go to the government office, and all explanations are in Japanese. It is very difficult to fill out the documents because there are many Japanese words.

– Response when an earthquake occurs. I want to know how to manage the fear of earthquakes and how to be calm. Any source of information, advice, tips are helpful.

– Finding clothes their size (because they use US/American sizes) because Asian sizes tend to be smaller.

– How to find gluten-free food

– Adjusting to the environment notably when moving with my children and how to adapt to people for fear that my child will be bullied

-Trains and subways are very complicated. I want to know how to transfer at a station, I want to know how to use it without getting lost and tips and tricks on how to be familiar with it.

–  How to find a hotel. It is very difficult to select a hotel that suits your needs.

– Where to find halal food


The image about Gathering Concerns/Problems to people:

Here are some examples:

”Where to get gluten-free foods in Japan? Any Suggestions? ”

A great many opinions were received on this question. There were lively discussions with some foreigners living in Japan who had no difficulty at all and some foreigners living in Japan and knew a lot of relevant information. 


”How to overcome your fear in earthquakes in Japan? What to do? ”

Japan is an earthquake-prone country, and foreigners who are not accustomed to the earthquake are scared. When this question was asked, we received at least 120 comments. Others gave advice and tips on how to prepare yourself during an earthquake which helps you to be mentally prepared while others say you need to be psychologically strong and get used to it.

”Where to find US size clothing in Japan?”

In the original post, I got a total of 7 comments and in the group, I got over 50 comments on this issue. A number of people commented that they have the same issues and the others gave very helpful advice for this matter. They give in-depth information, links, sources and recommendations on what to do, where to go, where to purchase the clothing, websites, etc. This question received 

A total of 100 comments on multiple groups.

In turn, YiEM FRINEDS from our Facebook SNS account and members in the groups are truly helpful and are happy to share their knowledge as solutions.



We do notice that 40% of these participants may or may not have stayed longer in Japan, 10% have the interest in Japan and the remaining 40% are actually living in Japan. 


Overall, the event is indeed successful and well-received especially it allows foreigners in Japan to share their problems comfortably with locals and foreigners alike sharing each other’s knowledge freely on how to get by in living in Japan. 


The event had garnered massive attention to the public receiving an average of 1000 comments, 3000 likes, and 150 opinions/advice from YiEM FRINEDS.


When given the solutions from YiEM FRINEDS, participants of the event with questions responded positively, expressing their gratitude and ‘thank you” for the help and wealth of information. They are generally pleased that their questions are being answered.


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