Purpose Of The Project “YiEM FRIENDS”

The purpose of the Project

We started the project because we want to support foreigners living in Japan under Covid-19.

A lot of foreigners have anxieties to live in Japan and especially because of Covid-19, the situation is really challenging.

However, as a Japanese company, we want foreigners to enjoy Japan more!

・Going to a good tourist spot

・Eating delicious food

・Making a good friend and have fun

・Learning Japanese culture

・Experiencing Japanese traditional festival

and so on


We hope foreigners can know a lot of great things about Japan!



Made the Project

We decided to support foreigners living in Japan and who are curious about Japan using our strong points as an international company.


We have many networks all over the world and have good experiences with international marketing so we are going to connect people using the network and want to make people happy. It’s our hope.



SDGs related Events

Aside from it, we are hoping for a better world. 

To achieve it, we will hold a lot of exciting events related to SDGs.

We will solve problems all over the world and make the economy active.


Our goal is to make a precious world through this project “YiEM FRIENDS”.


I’m glad if you agree with us and will be our member.




If you are curious about our events, please check below.

Kick-Off Event : here

Future Events : here



If you want to be a member of us, please check our SNS accounts and follow.

Facebook : here

Twitter : here

Instagram : here

※If you don’t have an account, please send a message e-mail: friends@yiem.co.jp