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Do you have some concerns in Japan?
Are you curious of the future of the World? SDGs?
Do you want to make friends in Japan?
Are you searching for an exiting event in Japan?
Do you want to have a business in Japan?

What we can do for YOU

We “YiEM” want to make the Great World with you.
To achieve our goal, We can do below for YOU!

Support Foreingers

If you a foreigner living in Japan, you can get a lot of tips and information from our SNS. 

Please check below and follow!

Events related to SDGs

We will hold various type of events related to SDGs and Japan. 

If you want to talk about the future, please check our exiting events!!

Make a friend

Do you want to make more friends who are curious of Japan?
We will match foreingners who love Japan and Japanese who want to communicate with foreigners!

Why are we supporting Foreingners?

About Us

We are an international company supporting Japan-related business.
We decided to hold a new project in this site. Because of Covid-19, a lot of foreigners are suffering from the bad situation in Japan and losing the curiocity about Japan. It’s really sad.

We want to gather the power of foreigners who love Japan and make a new story with you guys. So, we are planning to hold a lot of exiting events related to SDGs. 

Exiting Events

FIrst event is
“We will be considerate of foreingers feeling living in Japan” 

detail is here
Study Language together!

We will make an appotunity for people who want to study languages with Win-Win

detail is here
Experiences of Earthquake

Japan was dameged by earthquake. We are planning the earthqueke tour. I hope you can learn a lot and share it!

Agricultural experience

Are you curious of Agricultural experience in Japan? Let’s go to  a countryside and work and talk a lot together!!

What is SDGs?

About SDGs

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are the blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all.

We are planning a lot of events in Japan related to SDGs.

If you have an opinion, please send your idea and Let’s do together!

About SDGsSDGs events

Latest News

We are planning a lot of events with you! Check the Latest News Below!

First Event Succeeded!! As a Foreigner in Japan, We have some Troubles or Anxieties!

We held our first event in March 2021. Today, we will show you the result of the first events. Thank you for YiEM FRIENDS’ help!   What is the Event[…]

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Press Release Has Been Done! New Story Starts!

Press Release about our new project was done on 25th Feb, in 2021 in Japan.   Japanese media is looking forward to our Kick-Off Event!   Let’s make a fun[…]

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Kick-Off Event Starts!! Let’s Solve Your Concerns Together!!

Thank you for waiting for our “First Event”! We have finally started our new project, the title is…   As a foreigner in Japan, We have some Troubles or Anxieties![…]

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Event Information

We are holding exiting events related to SDGs online and offline.
Please participate and talk about the future together!!

Comments from Participants 

Comments from participants

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comming soon



comming soon




Members who are curious of this projects are rapidly increasing!

events about SGDs



If you want to participate, please contact us via SNS or e-mail.